Order your bottled water by the pallet from one of the UK’s leading distributors of wholesale bottled water

Why buy wholesale bottled water?

At Liquiline Water Services we sell wholesale bottled water by the pallet. This is the most cost-effective way of providing our many clients with a bulk bottled water supply, as pallets of bottled water are relatively cheap to transport, the transport cost per unit is kept very low, with cost savings passed on to the bottled water customer.  We provide wholesale bottled water as either a temporary water supply or emergency water supply in its own right or as an additional service to a site where we are providing a larger scale water supply service.

Who uses wholesale bottled water?

Liquiline Water Services supplies wholesale bottled water to various companies and organisations across the UK. We currently supply:

Bottled water for schools and colleges – Educational facilities find our bulk bottled water deliveries ideal. Wholesale bottled water is distributed to students keeping them fully hydrated and able to perform to their optimum during their exams.

Bottled water for sports events – Sports events make up a large part of our bulk bottled water business, with athletics meets, football tournaments, cycling events and endurance competitions around the country, purchasing wholesale bottled water supplies from Liquiline Water services.

Wholesale bottled water for resale – Our wholesale bottled water will be delivered at a unit cost, which allows the reseller to generate a healthy profit margin.

Bottled water for building sites – depending on the type and layout of a construction site, building workers may not have easy access to a clean, wholesome water supply. This is often the case with larger sites. Many of our construction clients use our wholesale bottled water service to deliver pallets of water to their sites. These are then broken down and distributed throughout the workforce, ensuring that Health and Safety Guidance (HSG) notes applicable to the industry are met.

How much does wholesale bottled water cost?

 Whether you are looking to purchase 330ml, 500ml, 1 litre or 2 litres wholesale bottled water, there are two key elements that have an effect on the cost of the bulk bottled water that we supply:

The main driver behind the cost of the bulk bottled water we deliver is the number of pallets of wholesale bottled water that you order. The more pallets of bottled water you order, the cheaper it becomes.

Secondly, the location of where you need the pallets of bottled water delivered to.

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