Water Supply Regulations – Water Supply Company

In the UK the water utility companies and those who undertake the supply of water for consumption (undertaker) are directly responsible for the quality of any water they supply.

The undertakers have a legal responsibility to ensure that all water regulations are complied with regarding (but not limited to):

  • the design of the water supply system
  • the installation of the water system
  • the ongoing maintenance of water supply systems
  • any water fittings used
  • any water appliances such as taps, standpipes
  • quality monitoring, and disinfection.

By adhering to the guidance and regulations that apply to the above points the undertakers are able to minimise the inefficient use of water, and to insure against any possible contamination of the drinking water supply.

Liquiline Event Water Services work to and comply with:

  • EU Drinking Water Directive
  • Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000, as amended
  • Private Water Supply Regulations 2009
  • BS8551