Water Quality – UK Water Supply

What is water quality?

The term water quality relates to the biological, chemical and physical elements of a water supply, and is a measure of the conformity of the water to human (and other) requirements.

Liquiline Water Quality Assurance

Liquiline only make water deliveries using mains water, abstracted under licence from water utility company networks. In the UK ” tap”, or mains water is constantly managed by the various water supply companies to ensure a clean, wholesome and safe water supply is enjoyed by all.

Each water tanker, water storage tank, water bowser and water pump is subject a disinfection regime, which forms part of our quality procedure, thus ensuring that we provide our clients with a quality assured water supply.

Where we install a temporary water supply, at say a festival or construction site, all of the pipework, water storage tanks, and water pumps are disinfected for a second time, along with each water distribution point (tap, bottle filling station, sink etc).

In these circumstances the greatest concern the security of the water supply is the appearance of pathogenic micro-organisms (which can be found in a number of sources within the environment). To ensure that these do not occur in our temporary water supply networks, we install in-line water treatment.

We take regular samples from the various stages of the supply of water, using only UKAS approved laboratories to provide us with the analysis we need.

Liquiline ensures compliance with the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000, as amended and Private Water Supplies 2009 when delivering and managing temporary water supplies for our clients.

When working on festival and event sites we work to BS85551 and adhere to the relevant health and safety guidance notes from the HSE when providing water direct to both fixed and transient construction sites.

If you have concerns over your water quality and would like it tested, or if you need your water supply chlorinated/disinfected, please contact us on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215.