Water Chlorination - Water Chlorination Services

Chlorination is the process of adding Chlorine, which is a very effective disinfectant, to water. It is used to treat both municipal and industrial water supplies (and waste water) because of its ability to quickly kill most pathogenic micro-organisms via the oxidising of organic molecules, thus preventing the spread of waterborne diseases.

Liquiline uses chlorination to disinfect all of its equipment. Every water tanker, bulk water storage tank (incl. pillow tank – bladder tank), small water tank, water bowser, water pump and every metre of water pipe work used to supply water direct in emergency water situations or to planned events like summer festivals.

The effectiveness of the chlorination process depends on the strength or concentration of the chlorine allied to the time it is exposed to the water supply. The pH value of the water is also a factor

We chlorinate all equipment used in:

  • Emergency water supply
  • Water tanker supplies
  • Water tank storage
  • Drinking water supply
  • Building site water supply
  • Water boswer hire, Water bowser delivery
  • Site Welfare water
  • Temporary water supplies
  • Alternative water supply
  • Water supply infrastructure
  • Bulk water supply
  • Emergency water tanker supply

All chlorination undertaken by Liquiline is compliant with BS6700.

Providing Water Disinfection Services Across the UK

Our clients routinely ask us to disinfect their own, or third party contractor’s toilets, showers, drinking stations, catering, first aid or hospitality units. We do this by pumping chlorinated water direct into the pipework systems of these units, where it is left for an hour. The chlorinated water is then flushed through the system using a clean water supply. Water samples are then taken and sent to a UKAS approved laboratory for analysis.