A much needed service when the current supply cannot meet your needs

When is a temporary water supply needed?

A temporary water supply may be deployed to a clients site if they have do not have a mains water supply, or if their private water supply is interrupted or contaminated in some way.

If a site simply doesn’t have enough water volume delivered by their mains for their requirement, a temporary water supply can be delivered any time, day or night.

What is a temporary water supply?

Temporary water supplies can be supplied in many ways. A site may only need a boost to its existing water supply. In such instances, a water tanker or water bowser is deployed, with water pumped into the client’s onsite water storage.

If a client does not have a water tank, Liquiline Water Services can deliver a temporary water storage tank, which along with an on-demand water pump will deliver the temporary water storage supply into the building. Our water tanker or water bowser will then make regular deliveries into the tank.

Liquiline Water Services provide a complete on-site plumbing service undertaken by EUSR trained site plumbers who assure the safe connection of our temporary water storage tanks/equipment to site manufacturing, catering and welfare facilities.

Our temporary water supply solutions are quick to both install at and remove from any site.

Whether you need a temporary water supply for a matter of hours, days or weeks, call our team now on 01258 830324.

We can deliver any volume of quality assured, temporary water supplies using our fleet of dedicated drinking water tankers and water bowsers.

Depending on the clients requirements., our temporary water supply services comprise of one or a combination of the following;

  • Drinking water tanker
  • Water bowser
  • Temporary bulk water storage tank and pump
  • Water Standpipe
  • Temporary water supply network design and build
  • Drinking water testing
  • Ongoing water quality management