Water Supply Company Clients – Who Needs an Alternative Water Supply?

We supply water direct to any company, festival/event, organisation or homeowner who needs a clean, wholesome, quality assured water supply.

Liquiline is the leading supplier of water supply services to the many UK business sectors. They include, but are not limited to:

Agricultural Water Supplies

Liquiline supplies bulk water storage and water deliveries to arable and livestock farmers who need to ensure the quality and continuity of their water supply. Our water tankers and water bowsers are equipped with high capacity water pumps, capable of delivering a water direct to where ever it is required on a farm.

Building & Civil Engineering Water Supply

We are often involved in the early stages of a construction project. Prior to any building works taking place Liquiline provides water storage solutions and water supplies to soak away/percolation testing activities and soil remediation companies.

The design and build of a temporary water supply network, ensuring the quality of any water for mixing concrete etc welfare, is the bulk of the work we carry out for the construction market.

For further details of our work with the building and civil engineering sectors please CLICK HERE.

Water Emergency – Emergency Water Supply

Irrespective of the industry you are in. The moment your water supply is interrupted, or contaminated, you become an emergency water client.

We are able to bring you bulk emergency water supplies using our fleet of dedicated drinking water tankers. When on site we have the capability of delivery the water supply directly into your building. We have a range of easily transportable water storage tanks which we connect to your building to use as a buffer store. Our range of engine powered or electric water pumps provide the water pressure you need to carry on your day to day business.

To find out more about our emergency water service please CLICK HERE.

For details of how to plan for a water emergency please CLICK HERE.

Event & Festival Water Supply

Today it’s a field. Tomorrow it’s the site of a festival or event, attended by twenty, fifty or a hundred thousand people.

Where there is no, or insufficient water supply on a site, Liquiline designs and builds water infrastructure comprising of bulk water storage tanks, pressurised drinking water ring mains, drinking water and bottle refilling points, along with connections to toilet and shower blocks and first aid facilities.

To discover how Liquiline can help you plan your event or festival please CLICK HERE.

Food Production Water

Where water is needed as an ingredient in a food or drink product, Liquiline uses its fleet of food grade tankers to deliver spring, mineral or mains water, each tanker having been cleaned to the required standard will arrive with its EFTCO cleaning certificate.

So basically, we can help;

  • If you need a delivery of clean, quality assured water or demineralised water
  • If you need help to planning your festival/event water supply
  • If your building has lost its water supply
  • If you can’t use you water supply because it is contaminated

In fact, we can deliver water direct to you , if you need a water supply for any reason …We can help.