Whatever your festival or event, wherever it is, you have a responsibility to provide a clean, wholesome, potable water supply to all who attend.


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Advice and planning for event water needs

For the demands of your event to be met, initial planning is very important. Speaking to us to establish the nature of your needs allows our experts to take care of your water needs at the earliest stage. We create an operational plan for the event and are always on hand to help you cope with that unexpected influx of guests.

Full installation and event management services

The transport of clean, drinkable water to the location of the event is the first part of the process. Secondly, we look to supply distribution equipment. This includes drinking water delivery solutions, which is much needed for the water supply to be delivered to your visitors.

Stand pipes and drinking water solutions

Standpipes and bespoke drinking water solutions will guarantee your event an uninterrupted supply of drinking water to any number of people. Our history of dealing with large events throughout the UK allows us to plan and execute the best solution possible.

Water storage tanks and chlorination

Even the highest water demand can be catered for with our fleet of tankers and pillow tanks. All of our storage tanks are capable of providing up to 50,000 litres to any one location, while our tankers dispense more than 28,000 litres in 20 minutes. We maintain the highest Health & Safety standards using our chlorination facilities. We can fine-tune the chlorination process to meet the demands of the event.

Sinks and hot water personal hygiene facilities

Drinking water, although it is the major requirement for events and festivals, it is only part of what we offer. We can supply personal hygiene equipment for your attendees. This includes sinks, heaters, toilets and shower blocks.

Waste water management and disposal

Every event needs to ensure it is friendly to the environment. This requires responsible management of wastewater, making sure it is disposed of properly and not damaging to the environment. With our wastewater management and waste disposal services, you can be assured that event waste is disposed of in the safest way possible, on-site and off-site.

 When the provision of comprehensive clean drinking water solution is needed for events and festivals, there are three scenarios to consider when catering for your visitors:

Your event has no existing water supply

Where there is no water supply at all on site, we supply large volume water storage tanks (from 2000 to 1 000 000 ltres) in order to act as reservoirs. This water is then used in a pressurised system that we (design, then) build on site. The systems incorporate the needs of the client, from connections to welfare, catering, first aid facilities to remote standpipes and bottle refilling stations.

The water supply is delivered to site in our fleet of dedicated drinking water tankers.

Your event has insufficient water supply or water pressure

In these circumstances, Liquiline provides bulk water storage tanks that are fed by the local water mains. The water is stored during periods of low usage and then delivered when demand is high, with any deficit between what the mains can provide and what is required being made up using our drinking water tankers.

The water tanks are connected to the onsite water supply network via our high capacity water pumps to ensure a consistent pressure is maintained.

Your event has sufficient water supply but a lack of infrastructure

We design and install temporary water infrastructure at a number of sites around the UK. They are fed by large water mains but lack the infrastructure to deliver the water supply to the required points of delivery.

Always use a mains supply where possible, as it is easier to quality assure the event water supply, and you will be able to keep the cost of providing your festival or event with a clean water supply down, compared to a solution reliant on a water tanker, or water bowser.

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For all of your events and festival water service requirements

Our water supply service provides clean water solutions to festival and event organisers throughout the UK.

From a single small water tank or water bowser, through to bespoke design and build water systems, comprising large volume water storage tanks and high-pressure water pumps, Liquiline has an unmatched range of water supply equipment to service your every water supply needs.

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