All of our technicians hold the EUSR National Water Hygiene Card

The EUSR National Water Hygiene Card

All Liquiline water technicians hold the EUSR Water Hygiene Card.

What is The EUSR National Water Hygiene Card?

Introduced in January 2006 the National Water Hygiene Card replaced the various existing hygiene and health screening schemes for both direct employees and sub-contractors of the individual water companies across the UK.

Anyone working on pumping stations, water treatment works, boreholes and the water networks (collectively known as Restricted Operations) must be registered with the Energy & Utility Skills Register and be a holder of the National Water Hygiene Card, or Blue Card as it is commonly known.

After completing the course, the cardholder is fully aware of the various ways that a supply of potable water could be contaminated, and of their own responsibility in actively preventing any water contamination.

Why Are We Telling You This?

At Liquiline, every on-site plumber, water tanker driver, water bowser operator, water tank delivery driver and member of the management team involved with the provision of temporary water supplies or emergency water supplies carries the National Water Hygiene Card.

Health Screening

Screening is carried out to ensure that every operative holding the National Water Hygiene card does not carry any waterborne diseases. This process is carried out in line with our Quality Management System and ISO 45001.

Each cardholder understands the need to, and their role in, protecting public health, and that they must inform their line manager should they come into contact with any disease that may cause harm.