As well as being part of our business continuity/contingency service, we provide an emergency water supply when you need it.


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Do you need an emergency water supply right now

To arrange your emergency water supplies call 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215.

Liquiline provides an emergency water supply to any organisation, at any time, anywhere.


Our fleet of dedicated drinking water tankers and water bowsers make emergency bulk water deliveries to office blocks, schools, sporting events, hospitals, or manufacturing plants where there has been an interruption to the existing water supply. In some instances we attend, the water supply system has been contaminated, and is unusable.

Our range of emergency water deployment equipment is based in locations around England to ensure that we provide water directly to you even in the remotest of places.

In the event of a water emergency, we are able to send you a combination of the following;

Emergency Water Tankers

Our fleet of emergency water tankers is deployed to situations where a bulk water supply is needed. Emergency water purification equipment may have already been deployed to such an incident, but is not enough to meet the demand; a call is then made to us to send 280000 or 30000 litres loads of emergency water to the site. Each emergency water tanker is constructed from food-grade stainless steel and has a high capacity water pump on board. Every emergency water tanker in the fleet is subject to a strict disinfection regime.

If you need an emergency water tanker to make a bulk water delivery now, call us on 0800 1448215 / 01258 830324, and we will dispatch one ASAP.

Emergency Water Bowsers

Each emergency water bowser is delivered by a 4×4 vehicle, meaning that there are very places where we are unable to make an emergency water delivery. Every emergency water bowser is constructed from a tough galvanised steel chassis and a WRAS approved polyurethane bower tank, suitable for transporting wholesome drinking water. The emergency water bowser tank has a filling point, inspection hatch and together with water distribution points, which allow people to access the emergency water supplies inside both quickly and efficiently. On the underside of the bowser tank is a 60mm fitting, which can deliver an emergency water supply directly into a welfare unit or other building (via a pump and hose).

Do you require up to 2000 litres of water now? Call us on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215 and we will send you an emergency water bowser.

Emergency Water Tanks

Our range of emergency water tanks includes units from 2000 litres to 100 000 litres in capacity. Emergency water tanks can be deployed to where they are needed in a few hours from your call for help. We use various vehicle types to deliver emergency water tanks, depending on the circumstance and terrain of the water emergency. Emergency water tanks can be plumbed directly into buildings so that the taps/toilets etc are used normally, or they can operate independently, delivering water via built-in taps, or standpipes.

If you need an emergency water tanker to make a bulk water delivery now as well as an on-site storage facility, call us on 0800 1448215 / 01258 830324, and we will dispatch one ASAP.

Emergency Water Pumps

We provide on-demand electric emergency water pumps together with petrol engine emergency water pumps. In instances where the emergency water supply is delivered by a tanker, we pump water directly into site tanks using the onboard high volume water pump.

Trained emergency water operatives

Every Liquiline water technician carries the EUSR National Water Hygiene Card, which demonstrates that he/she is conversant with the levels of hygiene required when working with drinking water supplies. This is only valid when deploying an emergency water supply.

We have the equipment and expertise to deliver emergency water direct to where you need it.

All emergency water supplies delivered by our water tanker and water bowser fleet comply with water supply regulations.

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Our emergency water supply service provides immediate reactive solutions to businesses throughout the UK.

From a single small water tank or water bowser, through to bespoke design and build water systems, comprising large volume water storage tanks, inline chlorination units and high-pressure water pumps, Liquiline has an unmatched range of water supply equipment to service your every water supply need.

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