Emergency Water Supply Framework Agreements For UK Businesses

Liquiline provides its clients with agreements which identify the options available for the provision of emergency/alternative water supplies in either water loss or water contamination situations.

Different sites often have a individual emergency water requirements, so a one size fits all approach simply will not work.

These agreements set out:

  • The type of assistance that is available to each site in any water emergency situation, including the size and speed of any response.
  • The gaps (in timeframe, or volume of water required) of any emergency water supply, that may need to be filled by other means, or negated by a change of the clients modus operandi.
  • Specific localised plans, which may allow for difficult terrain, or limitations such as vehicle weight restrictions or planning issues etc.

If you would like further information regarding planning for emergency water situations, or would like to know about our emergency water services, please email our team at office@liquiline.co.uk

If you need an emergency water supply, emergency water tanker or emergency water bowser NOW, please call our office on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215.