Wholesome clean water from the network

Drinking Water supplies - an additional or temporary solution

In the UK we are very lucky to be served by drinking water supply companies, (water utilities) who go to great lengths to ensure that the drinking water supply they provide us with is clean, clear and wholesome.

Each UK drinking water supply company has strict quality controls over the water supplies they collect, treat and deliver to us. They carry out water tests each day across the country, from reservoirs, water treatment works, points within the distribution networks, and from their customer’s taps.

Most drinking water supply originates from the 1,584 boreholes and 666 reservoirs that the UK water supply companies abstract their water supply from each year together with a recognised  602 points of river abstractions across the country.

Approximately 2/3 of our drinking water supplies come from surface water sources while the remaining 1/3 of our drinking water is drawn from below-ground sources known as aquifers.

Once abstracted from the source, the drinking water supply is treated at a water treatment works, where it is disinfected; generally using chlorine to make it safe for human consumption.

All water supplied in England and Wales is subject to various regulations and compliance standards. The Drinking Water Inspectorate (or DWI) regulates the water supply companies, ensuring their compliance to all of the various policies, and directives.

Set up after the privatisation of the water industry in 1990 the DWI acts on behalf of DEFRA and the National Assembly of Wales, by independently auditing and regulating the various water companies, and assessing the wholesomeness of all drinking water supplies provided by them.

As a leading drinking water supplier, Liquiline only draws its water from the water utility network of water supply mains, under licence.

By taking drinking water from a quality assured source, and only using water tankers, water bowsers, and water tanks that have been disinfected in accordance with the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, we are able to assure our clients of the quality of the drinking water supply that we deliver and manage on their behalf.