Specially treated water for industrial and commercial use

Pure water supplier for a demineralised water supply

Liquiline delivers demineralised water supplies to nationwide clients using our own in house fleet of water tankers.

Prior to loading, each water tanker is rinsed using demineralised water, in order to remove any trace of residual chlorine.

Who uses demineralised water?

Demineralised, purified water is suitable for many industrial and commercial uses as it no longer contains contaminants that may interfere with a process, or leave an unwelcome residue.

A demineralised water supply is common in many pharmaceutical industries where purified water is used as a raw material in many active ingredients and products.

Due to its poor conductivity, demineralised water is used in the electronics industry, where printed circuit boards are manufactured while submerged.

Liquiline delivers demineralised water in bulk to anywhere in the UK. If you are looking for a bulk demineralised water delivered on time, at a competitive rate, give our team a call now on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215.

What is demineralised water?

Water becomes demineralised water after being run through a bed of resin which removes any impurities. The resin bed treatment of water removes dissolved ionic products (impurities) found in many mains water supplies.

The deionisation process removes these ionic from the water via ion exchange, where Cations (positively charged ions) such as sodium, iron, calcium and copper are exchanged for hydrogen and Anions like sulphate, and chloride (negatively charged ions) are exchanged for hydroxyl. Once complete, the process results in demineralised water.

Storage of demineralised water

Once demineralised water has been delivered by our water tanker it must be pumped directly into production, or into an appropriate storage tank.

As demineralised water has had most of its ions removed, it will “attack” the material (storage tank) that it comes into contact with in order to get them back.

Stainless steel, glass and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are all effective products for the containment of demineralised water.

PVC tanks may develop a problem with leaching if the demineralised water is stored in them for a period of time, especially if the water has been heated (if used in a heating system for instance).

For further information about our demineralised water services, or for your quotation without obligation, please call our team on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215.