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“When the well runs dry, we learn the worth of water”

Benjamin Franklin



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What would you do if your
company's water supply was lost right now?

If you have a business continuity plan which states that in the event of a water loss or contamination incident, a nominated person is to inform the respective water supply company about the problem, you have at least acknowledged the risks attached to losing your water supply.

However, does your plan document who will provide you with an emergency water supply, how long you can continue to trade until they get there, how does that water supplier physically deliver the water into your building?

What question should you potentially be asking right now?

If your employees are unable to use the welfare facilities, did you know that health and safety regulations dictate that they should be sent home? Is the temporary closure of your business an option? Does your water utility company guarantee that your water supply will not be interrupted, or do they assure a response if it is? Ask them!

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Our emergency water supply service provides immediate reactive solutions to businesses throughout the UK.

From a single small water tank or water bowser, through to bespoke design and build water systems, comprising large volume water storage tanks, inline chlorination units and high-pressure water pumps, Liquiline has an unmatched range of water supply equipment to service your every water supply need.

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