BS 8551:2011 – Temporary Water Supply Code of Practice

BS 8551:2011 is the code of practice concerned with best practice in the installation and management of a temporary water supply or water supply network (including water tanks) designed to provide a temporary wholesome water supply.

The standard outlines all procedural steps that should be taken when providing a temporary water supply, together with the due diligence required in relation to water supply regulations and other related legislation.

BS 8551:2011 should be considered as the a code of good practice for any festival, event or site where the water supply situation determines that the deployment of a temporary water supply is required.

BS8551:2011 provides guidance on how to store (and ensure the quality of) bottled water destined as a temporary water supply, how to gauge the wholesomeness of the water supply, how to avoid the risk of contamination when connecting pipework, how to disinfect water storage and transportation vessels (water tanker, water bowser, water storage tank).

The standard should be adhered to when supplying: