British Bottled Water

British bottled water sales are now in excess of £1.8 billion per year. On average, we all drink around 37 litres every twelve months, which means that as a nation, we now consume more bottled water than wine or fruit juice.

At Liquiline we feel that the British bottled water industry should be supported fully, so please do not ask us for bottled water drawn from a beneath a French mountain, water melted lovingly from Icelandic glacier or some exotic sounding brand, transported all the way from a south pacific island.

Do you really want your bottled water to be responsible for a massive carbon footprint?

Keep the food miles to a minimum. Buy British bottled water!

For those clients with an environmental policy, who actively look for low, or carbon free products, we are proud to supply BELU, the UK's ONLY carbon neutral bottled water product.

We are lucky to have such high quality mineral and spring water products available in this country, let's drink them!

Fantastic wholesale bottled water, delivered anywhere on the UK mainland, at affordable prices.

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