Bottled Water for Students

Why Drink Bottled Water?

Seventy percent of the human body consists of water, and every function within the body is reliant on water.

Our brains consist of around eighty five percent water. They rely on an abundant supply of water.

Drinking clean, quality assured water is essential for ensuring optimal brain health and function.

Water prevents  the brain from overheating, which in turn may cause a decline in a students cognitive ability (or possibly even damage), because of this children should especially be encouraged to consume water when exercising.

Water also helps with circulation and the removal of waste, together with maintaining the membranes which convey all of our thought and memory processes around the brain (neurotransmission).

Children get dehydrated after they have gone for long periods without drinking water. Dehydration often leads to tiredness or dizzy spells, both of which contribute to a lack of concentration and a reduction in the students cognitive ability.


Wholesale Bottled Water

To help students perform to the best of their ability on the sports field, in the classroom or the exam hall, we supply quality assured bottled water.

We sell this at a wholesale rate, delivered by the pallet directly to your door.

The wholesale bottled water is available in 330ml, 500ml, 1.5 litre and 2 litre bottles.

For your wholesale bottled water quotation, please contact us on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215 or email us at