BELU - Carbon Neutral Bottled Water

 Who Are BELU?

BELU are not just another bottled water producer; they are an award winning social enterprise who produce quality assured, natural British mineral water.

Their plan is simple; to operate a bottled water business that reduces our environmental impact and then to use the profits  generated to fund clean water projects in some of the poorest parts of the world.

BELU is the exclusive bottled water partner of WaterAid, the beneficiary of all the profits.  They pledged to give WaterAid  £1m by 2020, and to date  have donated £1,003,290 transforming the lives of 66,920 people.

What is Carbon Neutral Bottled Water?

BELU  measure, reduce and report our carbon footprint in an open and transparent way to achieve PAS2060, the highest standard for credible carbon neutral claims. This applies to the impact of all of their bottled water products, and head office operations.

50% of the plastic used in the production of BELU water bottles comes from recycled material, helping BELU's carbon footprint to be reduced to the absolute minimum.

Carbon emissions that cannot be reduced or eradicated during the  production and back office functions are then offset  by investing in carbon reduction projects that have both social and environmental benefits.

So, if you want to enjoy a great tasting bottled of natural British mineral water, knowing that your purchase has not harmed the environment, and has helped someone less fortunate than you to have access to a clean and safe water supply, please give us a call on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215.