Agricultural Water Supply – Food Production Water Supplies

Worldwide, some 70% of water abstracted from surface water and aquifers is used as an agricultural water supply, in the production of food and other agricultural products.

The agricultural water supply used by UK farmers is provided by a water utility company or from private water supplies (normally via a borehole). The water supply is generally of good quality and in abundance.

However, boreholes run dry (in the south of England in particular) after periods of low rain fall, and mains water supplies can be interrupted due to planned maintenance works or a water loss situation.

Liquiline Water Services are able to respond quickly to provide a temporary water supply solution, ensuring that all animal welfare needs are met, and that there is a water supply for irrigation purposes.

We are a family owned business, with directors from farming backgrounds, who understand the effects of water supply issues on any agricultural business.

A member of our team will be pleased to offer any advice you may need. 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215