Wholesale Bottled Water For Football Team

Wholesale Bottled Water Hydrates The Stars of Tomorrow

Liquiline Water Services is the main sponsor of Dedham Junior Football Club. We have provided them with their new Legea kit, and supply bottled water (from our wholesale bottled water stock) to all of their games.

Could our wholesale bottled water product be responsible for the lads fantastic performance last Sunday, which saw them win 4-0?

If they drink more wholesale bottled water, would they score more goals?…. we’ll put that to them, and keep you posted!

Keeping hydrated is essential, not matter what sport you play…. even if you are not sporty, drinking water keeps you healthy. Don’t take our word for it, Google the subject and see how many hundreds of websites out there confirm the fact.

Our wholesale bottled water is held at locations around the UK, and can be easily supplied to anyone looking for a bottled water delivery to their company, event, festival, school… or indeed anyone looking for a quality assured, wholesale bottled water product.

For further details about our wholesale bottled water please call us on 0800 1448215, or visit our wholesale bottled water page.