Emergency Water Tanker Delivery Just in Time!

Michelle had been in labour for about three hours. She was sure that electing for a home birth had been the right thing to do. Her husband was by her side and the midwife had everything under control.

Outside ,a team from a landscaping company were breaking up some old concrete, and installing a smart new path just in front of the flats where Michelle lives.

Then the large diamond cutter cut something it wasn’t supposed to cut. The incoming mains water supply to the flats. Faced with hours without having the capability to make tea while his wife was giving birth, Darren, Michelle’s husband made a call to the housing association from who they rent their home.

The housing association called us shorty after. Our emergency water tanker arrived on site 97 minutes after the call to deploy.

The emergency water supply was held in the tanker, as it sat in the street. An electric on-demand water pump, pumped water direct from the back of the water tanker, into the building as it was required.

Our technician oversaw the delivery of the emergency water supply into the building, while our driver ensured that Darren, by now his nerves in tatters, was adequately supplied with  builders strength tea!