Monthly Archives: April 2014

100th Swimming Pool Water Fill

At 9.00am this morning, one of our water tankers (T12) made the first of three deliveries, each carrying 30 000 litres of quality assured water to the home of Mr & Mrs B in Andover. Our 100th swimming pool water fill was underway. Ross the water tanker driver managed to park his 40ft vehicle 35m…
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Emergency Water Tanker Delivery Just in Time!

Michelle had been in labour for about three hours. She was sure that electing for a home birth had been the right thing to do. Her husband was by her side and the midwife had everything under control. Outside ,a team from a landscaping company were breaking up some old concrete, and installing a smart…
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Staff Training Program in Full Swing

Well known and respected water industry expert Peter Bradley recently paid a visit to a training venue in Gainsborough, to deliver an EUSR National Water Hygiene program to the new ¬†water technicians and water tanker drivers recently employed by Liquiline Water Services. After providing his training session for those who will be engaged in restricted…
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