Frozen Water Pipes at Your Commercial Premises?

How do you know if your pipes are frozen?
If companies close to you still have a water supply and you don’t, the chances are that you have frozen pipes. If you water supply company has an issue with their local network, it would generally affect more that one building.

Locate your mains water stop tap
This is often found close to where your mains water supply enters the premises. Turn it off.

If the stop tap is frozen open. Shut the stop tap controlling the water going into your header or holding tank.

Call a good plumber
Possibly an obvious thing to say, but recommended!

Arrange an emergency water supply
Our emergency water supply equipment is located at strategic points throughout the UK in order to react to situations requiring the deployment of emergency water supplies via our water tanker and water bowser fleet.

A temporary water supply can be delivered to you within hours. We pump water direct into your site tanks from our vehicles, or set up bulk water storage tanks outside your building along with high volume water pumps which feed a supply of quality assured water into your water supply system on demand.