Liquiline - Water Supply Company

Liquiline Limited is a UK water supply company, able to operate in every corner of the country, delivering water direct to you and ensuring that a quality assured water supply is available to everyone...







Temporary Water Supplies for all Commercial Requirements

Do you need a water supply for your factory, building site, music festival, farm or sports arena?

Whether you are planning for a future event or you need an emergency water supply delivered by water tanker right NOW. We can help.

From simply pumping water from our tanker into your site tank, through to deploying water tanks or designing and building complex water infrastructure systems. If you need a temporary water supply for any reason, for any length of time. We can help.

A water supply company is generally thought of as a commercial organisation involved with the supply of water to residential and commercial properties via a network of reservoirs, treatment works, pumps and pipes. Usually such a water company is referred to as a water utility.

Liquiline differs from the above in its role as a UK water supply company. We provide quality assured water supplies to areas where there is either no mains water supply, insufficient volume of, or interruption to the existing mains water supply.

We design and build water supply networks. Depending on the clients requirement they consist of bulk water storage, water pumps to pressurise the system, inline chlorination units to treat the water supply ensuring the ongoing water quality, and water delivery solutions for the point of use, such as tap stands, sinks, bottle refilling stations etc.

Where there is an insufficient water supply or no existing mains water supply, Liquiline uses a fleet of dedicated drinking water tankers and water bowsers to deliver the required water supply to site.

Whatever you temporary water requirements are, we can help. Call one of our team to find out more information on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215.