Water Tanker - Bulk Water Direct to You

Each designed to transport clean water from its source to where it is required, the Liquiline fleet of dedicated drinking water tankers, are based strategically across the country in order to make fast, efficient, cost effective bulk water deliveries, bringing water direct to you.

We have two types of water tankers on our fleet. Rigid chasis water tankers with 13000 and 15000 litre capacities respectively, and articulated water tankers with up to 30000 litre capacity

The articulated water tanker trailers double up temporary water storage tanks; they can be delivered to a site full with quality assured water, and then connected to a water pump. We are then able to pump water direct to the point of use.

The fast refilling of our tankers is paramount when deploying bulk water supplies. We achieve this by drawing water from rapid fill points provided to us by the various water utility companies around the UK, and by tanker filling points on quality assured private water supplies.

All of our water tankers comply with Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations. They are constructed form food grade stainless steel and are subject to our quality management system, which sees them disinfected on a regular basis.

Every Liquiline Drinking Water Tanker is:

  • designed for the transportation of cold potable water
  • complete with a high capacity water pump
  • compliant with Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations
  • manned by an experienced operator
  • dedicated to the delivery of potable water, and nothing else

Please call our team on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215 to find out more

If you have no room to accept a water tanker (or  if impassable terrain prevents its use), but need a bulk water delivery, we can still help!

We operate a fleet of water bowser trailers, towed by 4x4 vehicles which can get pretty much anywhere!