Swimming pool water supplies –
Pool refill

Liquiline has been making quality assured bulk water supply deliveries to both private and municipal swimming pools for many years.

We supply two types of water for swimming pools:

  • Mains quality drinking water, abstracted under licence from the various water utility companies across the UK.
  • Demineralised water, which is free from any minerals that may stain certain pool materials.

Making a Swimming Pool Water Delivery - Access to your pool

It is important that you give our team as accurate information as possible regarding the distance from the available parking in relation to the pool.

Our water tankers weigh up to 44 tons, so parking it on hard standing is preferred.

Please pace the distance from your pool to where the water tanker will be parked. This will give us an indication of how much hose to bring with us.

Once on site, the water tankers use their high capacity water pumps to deliver the bulk water direct to your pool.

Please call us now on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215 for a free estimate.