Water Supply Specialists

Robert Taylor - Water Supplier

Robert manages the transition from sales to operations, making sure that the customers expectations are always met or indeed surpassed.

His past experience as both a transport manager and HGV driver gives him an insight into  the issues involved with the delivery of temporary water supplies via drinking water tankers.

Robert is in daily contact with the various water utility companies around the country, working closely with them to ensure that we have access to filling  points for our water tanker and water bowser fleets.

He also purchases all of our equipment, anything from a drinking water tanker, water storage tank, pillow tank, bladder tank, water pump or water bowser. Robert is a keen negotiator, making sure he gets the best possible deal for the company.

A Class 1 HGV driver, Robert is on our on call rota, and can often be found delivering an emergency water supply at anytime, day or night.


Tracy Taylor – Managing Director – UK Water Supply Company

Tracy oversees the running of our business; producing business plans and setting budgets for each of our divisions.

She is responsible for managing Liquiline’s financial strategy, driving growth and overseeing all finance and accounting functions, ensuring our payment terms are adhered to and that our suppliers are paid in good time.

Her prudent approach to business has seen Liquiline Limited grow sustainably over the years, organically and free from debt.


Phil Myers – Water Supply Manager – Temporary Water Supplies

Phil served with the Royal Engineers, from 1993 to 2008 where he worked in many various environments.

An experienced field engineer, Phil achieved the prestigious Army Class 1 Qualifications in Water Supply, Construction and other related topics.

His technical expertise, leadership skills and effective management have seen him take leads roles in designing and building emergency water supply systems in war zones and other hostile environments around the world, together with providing temporary water supplies to both humanitarian projects and ecological expeditions across the globe.

Phil was part of the team responsible for the water supply at Camp Bastion, in Afganistan. Two miles wide by four miles long and incorporating a hospital and a busy airfield, it is the largest British overseas military base built since World War Two, which in Phil’s time there accommodated some 28 000 service personnel, all of  whom depended on a secure and wholesome water supply.

After serving his country for fifteen years, Phil joined Hunts Water, a specialist event water supply company, where he used the knowledge gained over the years to help them provide temporary water supplies to festivals and events around the UK.

Since joining Liquiline in 2011, Phil invaluable to the company in developing the event water supply part of our business. His Knowledge really is second to none.

To benefit from Phil’s expertise in the design and build of temporary water supply systems for your festival , event or water emergency, please contact us by email, or call us on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215


Ricky Young – Water Supply Logistics – Water Tanker Operations

A highly experienced and respected road transport manger Ricky has spent all of his working life dealing with all factors involved with the operation of road tanker fleets.

His experience is invaluable to our business function; the delivery of a water supply and the delivery and installation of water supply equipment to sites needing an emergency water supply or temporary water supplies across the country.

Ricky plans the maintenance of our water tanker fleet, and is responsible for overseeing our health and safety procedures, including the development and instigation of our method statement and risk assessments, and compliance of our operatives to both working time directives and regulations concerning the supply of quality assured water.


Richard Connor – Temporary Water Supplier

Richard has the responsibility for building the commercial foundations and framework needed to take our business to “the next level”. He leads our  sales and marketing, business development, PR, and negotiations with partnering organisations along with managing and updating of all of Liquiline’s water supply contracts.

Working at both director and senior management level for a water supply company and European road tanker operator has given Richard a unique set of skills, ideally suited to satisfying the needs of Liquiline’s clients.

To speak with any member of our management team, please call us on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215.