Festivals & Events – Event Water Services

Whatever your festival or event, wherever it is, you have a responsibility to provide a clean, wholesome, potable water supply to all who attend.

There are three scenarios to which Liquiline Event Water Services supply services:

Your event has no existing water supply

Where there is no water supply at all on site, we supply large volume water storage tanks (from 2000 to 1 000 000 ltres) in order to act as reservoirs. This water is then used in a pressurised system that we (design, then) build on site. The systems incorporate the needs of the client, from connections to welfare, catering, first aid facilities to remote standpipes and bottle refilling stations.

The water supply is delivered to site in our fleet of dedicated drinking water tankers.

Your event has an insufficient water supply, or water pressure

In these circumstances, Liquiline provides bulk water storage tanks that are fed by the local water mains. The water is stored during periods of low usage and then delivered when demand is high, with any deficit between what the mains can provide and what is required being made up using our drinking water tankers.

The water tanks are connected to the onsite water supply network via our high capacity water pumps to ensure a consistent pressure is maintained.

Your event has sufficient water, but a lack of infrastructure

We design and install temporary water infrastructure at a number of sites around the UK. They are fed by large water mains, but lack the infrastructure to deliver the water supply to the required points of delivery.

Always use a mains supply where possible, as it is easier to quality assure the event water supply, and you will be able to keep the cost of providing a your festival or event with a clean water supply down, compared to a solution reliant on a water tanker, or water bowser.

Waste Water

Liquiline has a range of waste storage tanks which we fit to toilets and showers as part of our water supply package.

To find out Liquiline Event Water Services can provide you with practical advice, help with designing and installing your event water supply, or delivering a bulk water supply to your festival or event please take a look at our website dedicated to the subject.