Festival Water Supply – Event Water Supply

Liquiline provide event water delivery, onsite water supply systems and ongoing water management for festivals and events across the UK. The work is carried out by our festival and event water division, Event Water Services.

The team at Event Water Services understand that the quality and security of a clean, wholesome potable water supply is incredibly important to the organisers, the artistes, crew, caterers and concessionaires whom attend.

Event Water Services install equipment and system to suit the requirements of each individual festival site. Whether there is a mains water supply on site that needs distributing or no water supply at all. Event Water Services design and build water supply networks that will quickly and efficiently deliver water direct to where it is needed, to drinking points, toilets, showers and caterers.

Call Liquiline Event Water Services on 01258 830324 / 0800 1448215 to discuss you event water supply requirements.